@ UCalgary

2021--2022 Academic Year

  • ENCM 515: Digital Signal Processors (Winter 2022)


At New York University..... helping with:

2020--2021 Academic Year

  • EL 6463: Advanced Hardware Design (Fall 2020)

  • EL 9453: Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust (Spring 2021)

2019--2020 Academic Year

  • CS-UY 2214: Computer Architecture and Organization (Spring 2020)

    • I took over part-way through the course to help out given the COVID-19 pandemic

      • This involved restructuring the course to accommodate remote learning and devising assessments

    • Around 120 undergraduate students (sophomore/juniors)

  • EL 9453: Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust (Spring 2020)

    • I taught several lectures on Logic Locking/Obfuscation as a family of techniques to protect digital design IP

    • I helped design a number of assessments

  • EL 6463: Advanced Hardware Design (Fall 2019)

    • I helped design and deliver a number of assessments

2019 Academic Year

  • EL 9453: Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust (Spring 2019)

    • I helped design several assessments, introduce new grading rubrics, and provided on-the-ground support to students

@ UoA

At the University of Auckland, I was a Professional Teaching Fellow*. I was awarded a Students’ Choice Top Teacher Award in 2018 (recognizing me as one of 15 in the Faculty)!

2018 Academic Year

COMPSYS 701 --- Advanced Digital Design

COMPSYS 704 --- Advanced Embedded Systems

COMPSYS 725 --- Networks and Distributed Applications

COMPSCI 313 --- Computer Organization (Undergraduate-level)

ELECTENG 101 --- Electrical and Digital Systems (Acting Course Coordinator)

Before working as a PTF, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) for a variety of courses covering computer architecture, digital system design, and embedded systems design.

*In North America, roughly comparable to lecturer/instructor, i.e., teaching faculty